Data & Video for moving objects 

Movilog Specialism

Measuring, acquisition, logging, display, processing and presentation of information using the most modern technology avialable regarding GPS, sensors, communication and video.

Movilog Workfield

Mostly and preferably, but not only, automotive, sports, ecology and combinations of these, like research in the field of electric transport, sports events, eco-drive training, energy saving and recycling.


Synchronised logging of video and information from sensors and databus.



In-depth data and video analysis using sophisticated flexible analysis tools.



On-board information display via LCD, video and warning indicators.



Transmission of video footage and data for recording, monitoring or broadcasting.


Custom projects

Design and manufacturing custom products. Mostly based on electronics or software.

research support

Movilog provides advise and support on planning and running research projects, often in automotive field.

Equipment lease

For certain short term projects, equipment renting or leasing is better suited than buying.

movie production

For movies and DVDs for promotion of, or with the use of, a moving object, Movilog is your preferred partner.