Data & Video for moving objects 

Drivers training

Using registration equipment when educating drivers increases results enormously. Data registration for eco driving (fuel use, throttle use, G-forces, RPM, etc.) and video registration for defensive driving are great tools for efficient training and thorough monitoring afterwards. Using data and video registration improves training results, improves efficiency, takes courses to a higher level and it improves the trainers image.  




Measuring is a crucial part of the research industry. Accurate measurement, monitoring and registration is absolutely essential for proper understanding how processes work, in machines, systems, humans, groups. Movilog provides the tools and service for reliable research.


Black box systems

Movilog equipment often can be compared with black box systems, accident recorders and flight data recorders. That is exactly what the systems are capable of. But that is as far as the comparison goes. The systems are used for in-depth analysis and data presentation. 



Besides above applications, the products and services from Movilog are used in a broad field of industry, from consulting and education, to design and production.